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How will the E-commerce industry in India evolve in 2016?

E-commerce in India has certainly brought a revolution among the people where buying and selling of goods are done via electronic channels. It has witnessed an unprecedented growth of over 60 percent over the last year and has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors. It has made the life of people easy by offering varieties of brands within a product where the customers could examine/compare the features of …Read More

What is required to make SMEs accelerate India’s GDP?

We all believe that it is the SME sector that has the most potential to revitalize our country’s declining manufacturing sector and also it can contribute to our GDP and help considerably in eradicating poverty and unemployment issues. Now that the Modi government is coming out with schemes to foster growth in this sector and a separate ministry has been formed to monitor the micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs), we can hope that the interests of SMEs will be heard …Read More

Potential Growth of Defence Manufacturing in India

Introduction A country which imports 60% of its military hardware has a big reason to worry. Amid concerns of obsolescence of Soviet-era weapons, India looks to modernise its forces by investing approximately INR 250 billion during next 7-8 years. India’s current outlay for defence in 2014-15 is INR 2.29 trillion, an increase of 12% over the previous year. India’s domestic defence manufacturing is a story of mix of successes and …Read More