A well-researched piece of content article can help generate millions of views within a year. It is proven time and again that researched content can produce upto 10X results that leads to higher sales and profits. Research is the basic and most important step when developing and executing a content marketing strategy. Without research, the other steps of Ideation, planning, Creating, distribution, and measurement will be futile. Here are some tips to help you generate useful content for your audiences.

1) You need to understand your audience and their problems. It will help you frame relevant guidelines as to what content to generate to reach your right audience, engage them and meet your business objectives.

2) Post that you should discover the language your audience speaks and the type of media it consumes. Get to know the technologies, platforms and tools that your clients are using. When you understand the language and behaviour of your ideal client, it is easier to generate content according to that and build trust, a critical factor that drives buying decisions.

3) Familiarize yourself well with the latest industry trends and topics. The more efficiently you research the more valuable knowledge you can accumulate.

4) Do keyword research to know how your customers finding solutions for their problems and challenges.

5) Keep an eye on competitors activities. Do a thorough audit of your competitors’ products, services and online content. Analyze their language and SEO strategy. Devise a plan how you can do better.

Your audience is always looking to find reliable information to backup what they think and to validate their thinking and also to know new insights in the market. If your content piece can become that source, then you will surely get backlinks, traffic, SEO rankings, and valuable leads. By publishing useful and well researched content a company gains credibility and become the authoritative source of its domain.

About BizResearchLabs : We are a 5 year old business research and consulting company, founded by IIM alumni. We help our client partners through research based insights and content – to add value for their teams and their clients. Our team creates highly specialized content to empower them to be the thought leaders in their industry and achieve highly effective lead generation through engaging, sharing insights, influencing potential customers.