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Know Your Market

No doubt Startups ought to know everything about the market they are playing in.  But researching your market can be time consuming and entrepreneurs can bring some biases with them.

Know Your Market is an initiative at BizResearchLabs where we will thoroughly research your market and create a detailed deck with insights for you while you focus on building the product and execution.  Market insights can be very handy in overall strategy and for taking important product/service related decisions.

20 – 25 Slider deck will include following :


Market Potential

Estimate of your market current market size and future estimate, growth rate estimation 

Key Market Trends

Whether the market is getting attractive or there are some very new trends. Insights on consumer behaviour and from current market offerings by leaders and other players.

PESTLE Analysis

 Comprehensive industry analysis. Analysis of macro-environmental factors like Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environment. 

Consumer Segmentation

What are the various types of consumers in the market. How are they different.  Size comparision of various consumer segments.

Competitor Landscape Analysis

Detailed analysis on your competitors.  Systematic analysis of what your customers are doing.

Value Chain Analysis

Analysis of what role different sections in the overall value chain like partners, vendors, distributors, sales, other internal department etc play in your particular market.

It will be a customised deck for each statup. Our team will have constant discussions with the startup to understand their exact market they are playing in.  Approximate time duration for the completion of deck will be from 4-7 weeks.

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