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Business Plan: It is an important tool for a new business. A well written plan can help an entrepreneur to have more clarity, focus, avoid big mistakes, counterbalance over optimism, strategise and communicate your vision to future co-founders, investors.

Please see the components of a Business plan here

Financial Plan: It is a detailed sheet of a Startup’s current and future financial state. We use variables to estimate cash flows, break even, asset value, exit plans etc. A robust financial plan is not only important for an investor but for Startup as well. It tells the Startup about the direction of the business and when to take measures to keep the business on track.

Product Launch Plan: A Product Launch Plan is a template that guides a Startup to plan for the successful launch of a new product in the market .It highlights various factors that a Startup must consider when launching a product and also helps  to create a strategy and roadmap to achieve the targets.

Marketing Plan: Marketing is a key component in the success of every Startup and a comprehensive plan is necessary to implement the Marketing Strategy. A marketing plan has specific and measurable objectives along with a robust plan to reach out and convert potential customers.

Operations Plan : An Operational plan clearly defines the activities and budget that a Startup will take to support the strategic objectives and plans of Business Plan. Solid systems and process and resource planning is an important aspect of Operations plan

Investor Deck : It is the document which is used pitch to potential investors for raising funds for your Startup. Deck will include  around 20 slides on defining the problem startup is solving, USP/differentiation, market/opportunity size, business model, competition, financial projections etc.

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