Client Scenario : A senior image consultant wanted to launch a Startup related to her field but did not have the know how and market intelligence to do that.

Consulting Solution offered : Basis brief from the client BRL Consultants prepared an exhaustive scope of work which helped in preparing the Strategy for the Startup’s launch and growth. Below mentioned were the broad deliverables:

  • Assessment of the market potential
  • Key market trends
  • Overall environment including economic/legal analysis
  • Consumer segment analysis
  • Competitor landscape analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Assessment of entry barriers
  • Revenue estimations
  • Case studies from similar industries
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial feasibility
  • Consumer research to understand consumer expectations
  • Suggestions for the business plan
  • Go to market strategy

Result : After the research and strategy meetings with client she got a good clarity about the market , consumers and competition which helped to refine the Startup’s business model and gave her confidence to execute the Go to Market strategy.